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2019 HK Sevens Tickets Allocation

Please take note of the below guidelines and process for allocating 2019 Hong Kong Sevens Tickets to members of HKU Sandy Bay RFC (“The Club”).

Entitlements and Regulations

1. Only fully paid members are qualified to purchase 3-day tickets from The Club per the following guidelines

a. Senior Members are entitled to the right to purchase a maximum of 2 adult tickets (HK$1,950 + 4.5%)

b. Regular Social Members are entitled to the right to purchase a maximum of 2 adult tickets (HK$1,950+ 4.5%)

c. Silver Social Members will receive ONE Adult ticket.

d. Gold Social Members will receive TWO adult tickets.

c. Parents of Mini and Youth players can apply for the following;
i. ONE child ticket for each Mini player, playing in U7 grade (and above) and born on or after 5th April 2007 (HK$950+ 4.5%)
ii. ONE adult ticket for each Youth player, playing in U19 grade (and below) and born before 5th April 2007 (HK$1,950+ 4.5%)
iii. ONE adult ticket per family unit to be used by a parent (HK$1,950+ 4.5%)

2. In all above cases of section 1, if ticket demand exceeds The Clubs allocation from the HKRU, then The Club may operate a ballot process and attempt to allocate tickets to all Mini and Youth players and at least ONE adult ticket each Senior/Social members or each Family Unit.

3. Members who require further adult tickets beyond their maximum allocation may consider purchasing one of the Social Membership options.

4. The Club shall sell tickets to members at cost plus administration fees to recover costs associated with processing and distributing tickets. This includes, but is not limited to;
a. Postage costs
b. Payment transaction costs (4.5%)

5. The Right to Purchase tickets does not necessarily guarantee that The Club allocation will satisfy the demand for tickets.

6. All tickets are registered against Club Member names Please note that in the past a number of tickets allocated to Clubs were found being sold above the face value. There will be zero tolerance of such practice. Should this happen in 2019, the allocation of the Clubs associated with this will be affected in future years. Additionally, please be aware that the serial numbers allocated to each club are recorded by the HKRU, if it becomes apparent that tickets have been sold to ticket scalpers from a clubs allocation then this will adversely affect the allocation to the club for future sevens and other events.


A 3-step process will be used (exc;et for Silver/Gold Social Memberships - see point i);

• Firstly, all members/parents to submit a request for tickets in the Pre-Sales process. (deadline 16th December 2018)

• Secondly, once all requests are validated, members/parents will receive an email letting them know that they can now purchase the actual tickets. (deadline 6th January 2019)

• Finally, in March, tickets will be distributed.

a. All registered members and parents will first receive an email, letting you know that a “payment is due” for the 2019 HK Sevens Tickets Pre-Sales.

b. If you intend to buy 2019 Sevens tickets, click on Pay Now and follow the link. The pre-sales process is the only way to request tickets from The Club.

c. Specify how many adult and child tickets you require and are committed to purchasing. Do not exceed your maximum quota as outlined in 1a-c above.

d. Complete the purchase and make the payment of HK$50 which covers the cost of registered mail of your tickets to your address at a later date. There will be no refunds. Deadline 16th December 2018.

e. All ticket requests will be validated against your membership to ensure that you have paid your subs and not exceeded your maximum possible quota.
i. If you have not paid your subs, your request for tickets will be rejected and the HK$50 will not be refunded.
ii. If your request exceeds your maximum possible quota, you will be assigned your maximum possible quota by default.

f. Soon after you will receive a payment request by email for your actual requested tickets. Deadline for payment 6th January 2019.

g. As part of the payment process, you will be required to enter your mailing address for receipt of the tickets.

h. Tickets will be allocated/distributed in March, once available from the HKRU.

i. Silver and Gold Social Memberships will automatically secure 1 or 2 HK Sevens tickets automatically at the time of membership payment. Tickets will be distributed per g. and h. above.

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