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Chairmans Message: Welcome to our 30th Season

Chairmans Message: Welcome to our 30th Season

By Grant Beuzeval
2 August 2019
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Sandy Bay celebrates 30 years and all that is good about rugby

Rugby is more than the time spent playing on pitch, it’s almost a way of life.
Michael Lacy, Chairman

Dear Sandy Bayers,

Welcome to our 30th Anniversary Season! Since 1990, it’s been quite a journey from a small minis club to where we are today, offering the opportunity to play rugby to people of all ages. We will be looking to celebrate this milestone on and off the pitch, so watch out for special events this season.

A special welcome the new members of our club. I trust that you will find our club to be friendly, inclusive and passionate about rugby. Rugby is more than the time spent playing on pitch, it’s almost a way of life. For our younger members, and not so young, it’s about learning life skills such as, teamwork, perseverance, winning, losing, hard work, all in a fun environment.

Our club is run mostly by volunteers, and I would encourage you all the get involved and offer some of your time. Make yourself known to your head coaches, team managers, section heads, and let them know what you are willing to do, whether that is helping out occasionally with first aid, running the kiosk, or joining an event committee such as the tournament committee, the tour committee, the ball committee....there is plenty for everyone and as they say “many hands make light work”, don’t leave it all to a few dedicated individuals.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the clubs strategic plan. This sets out what we are aiming for as a club and sets out our core club values. Please take some time to read though this and we hope that you will all help us deliver this plan for the benefit of the club, yourselves and your families.

This season we have pre-ordered kit for existing members. This is to avoid wastage and reduce our environmental footprint, but also to improve our delivery. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to get their orders in before the deadline, so please make sure that you get you orders in by the next order date so that you will not be without kit for too long.

Finally a special thank you for our sponsors. We would not be able to offer all that we do without their support. So please help us show our appreciation by wearing the right kit!

So, let’s go Sandy Bay and make this 30th Anniversary season the best one yet.

Yours in rugby

Michael Lacy

Chairman HKU Sandy Bay RFC


HKU Sandy Bay RFC - Strategic Plan 2019-2023 v2.3

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