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HKRU Code of Conduct and Club Policies

Club Policy Highlights

These will be updated from time to time by the club as required.

As a member, I accept responsibility for any injury or damage the player suffers themselves or causes to others. I absolve the Club and The University of Hong Kong from any liability in relation to this and will indemnify them for any liability they incur in connection with my son/daughter.

I will ensure that my son or daughter under the age of 12 is accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while training or playing games as I accept that coaches cannot be expected to simultaneously care for an injured player and watch the rest of the team

All members consent to photographs being put on the Club website or social media or material for club purposes.

Please refer to the club policies for full details http://www.hkusandybayrfc.com/policies/

HKRU Codes of Conduct

All members will abide by the rules, principles, and code of conduct of the HK Rugby Union to which the Club is affiliated and will be courteous to referees, coaches, and players from other clubs.