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Angus Sign's Off and Heads for Brizzy

Angus Sign's Off and Heads for Brizzy

By Grant Beuzeval
30 May 2019
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Great looks, twinking toes, punishing counter attack, lethal haka - the man has it all

Angus Cameron
I’m proud to be able to call myself a Sandy Bay ma

The former rugby league bogan saw the light before it was too late and crafted himself a formidable reputation in Hong Kong as a high-flying business executive, a thief in the night, a loving husband and father and a reluctant hero to his mini rugby fans.

Angus Cameron is leaving on top, with a grand championship win under his expanding belt. We are bursting with pride at his achievements and wish him and his family all the very best.

1. When did you arrive in Hong Kong?
Sep 2013

2. What are your finest memories of Hong Kong?
The junks/ 7s/ silly Sunday’s/ weddings/ babies/ not having to worry about shops closing at 5.30pm

3. Greatest club memories?
Winning the league in the 13/14 & 14/15 seasons + GF champs this season

4. Worst rugby experience?
Breaking my leg against valley in the 15/16 season. Seeing Dylan throw flick passes. Knocking my 2 front teeth out during a heavy night in the beers after we lost the 14/15 final.

5. What are you doing next?
Have moved to Brisbane and currently a stay at home dad lol

6. Will you be back?
Permanently - No. Passing Through - Definitely. We’ve made too many close friends throughout our time in HK over the last 6 years to not come back and visit.

7. Will you be sensationalising up your achievements in Hong Kong?
Of course - I’ve already been on the phone to fox sports asking if they’d like to do a press conference/ editorial on me. Haven’t heard back yet but I’m sure they’re just a bit busy with all the Israel folau drama.

8. Do you have a message for the members of Sandy Bay?
And absolute honour to play for Sandy Bay in their inaugural year and the support we had throughout the entire club was a huge reason to why we were able to bring home the trophy. This is just the start of a massive journey for the club and I’m proud to be able to call myself a Sandy Bay man!!

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