Job Opportunity: Head Technical Coach (Junior Section)

Job Opportunity: Head Technical Coach (Junior Section)

By Grant Beuzeval
19th April
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A terrific opportunity to play a significant role in the success at the crucial grass roots levels of the club

Job Title: Head Technical Coach (Junior Section)
Reporting to: General Manager, HKU Sandy Bay RFC
Salary: $16,500/month x 10 months (July to April)
Term: 2 years with review after 12 months
Workplace: Remote and/or unfixed office locations
Commencement Date: July 1st, 2019

Purpose of the Position

To develop, implement and maintain a rugby coaching program for HKU Sandy Bay RFC whilst supporting coaching and player development at all age groups U5 to U19

Key Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a list of the Roles and Responsibilities that are delegated to the Head Technical Coach (Junior Section) (“HTC”) across the Youth (U13-U19 grades) and Mini (U5-U12) sections of the club and to co-ordinate with the year group Technical Coach and Head Coach.


  • Overseeing all Coaching for Sandy Bay mini and youth teams (U5-U19), including, education, development of coaches and coordinating for the administrator who will arrange for coaching courses
  • Direct management of the paid Technical Coaches
  • As a role model for the Coaches and Players in the overall promotion and achievement of Sandy Bay Primary Objectives. These being to provide children with a fun and enjoyable experience whilst learning and improving their skills for the Game. At the same time, to provide the opportunity for children to take part in competitive Rugby Games and to realise their full potential.
  • Ensuring clear pathway for youth players into the Seniors section by coordinating with the Club Head Coach, the Women’s Head Coach and the U19 Technical and Head Coaches.
  • A leader in implementing the Sandy Bay and the HKRU codes of conduct.

 Coaches Conduct
 Player Conduct
 Parent Conduct



  • Work with youth and mini representatives and the Women’s Head Coach to define the core objectives for the coaches for the coming season and for a 3-year goal.
  • Study and implement the Coaching Resources available on the HK Rugby website to all Technical and Head Coaches (
  • Develop training session planning guidelines/templates (prescriptive) to enable year group Technical Coaches and Head Coaches to implement a progressive buildup of common skills in line with the club’s coaching progression plans. This is to include specific planning for girls teams in consultation with the Women’s Head Coach.
  • Develop a common set of hotspots and command words for coaching and refereeing such that a consistent language can be promoted across Sandy Bay coaching from U5 to U19.
  • Work with each year group Technical Coach and Head Coach to review the training plans, particularly for the first 4-6 weeks or the season, and thereafter as required.
  • Develop or promote the HK Rugby coaching standard drills for the key core skills, specifically to include handling, tackling, rucking, scrum and lineout. These need to be progressive to enable development through the various age groups.
  • Develop or promote a set of standard games and game scenarios for implementing and focusing on the core skills.
  • Optimise training drills so that players are not standing around waiting for their turn for excessive time.

Coaching Support

  • Develop and implement an annual coaches training program, with particular focus on early season. This should include provision of U8 course, Level 1 and Coacharee.
  • Work with the HKRU and the Women’s Head Coach to ensure a number of the Technical Coaches are trained to provide the formal training courses for Sandy Bay parent coaches.
  • Undertaken coach assessments following completion of the training courses.
  • Develop a program of early season skills-based session for parent coaches, typically this will take place on a Sunday prior to or after the year band training sessions, subject to pitch availability. Focus should be on a limited number of common skills to reinforce hotspots, preferred drills, games, etc.
  • Ensure that a primary Technical Coach is appointed for each age group from U9 to U19 and ensure that their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, briefed and understood. This should be done in conjunction with the year group Head Coach, the Women’s Head Coach and the General Manager.
  • For non-contact minis, there will be a requirement to observe the general progress of development and identify any areas where correction to training content or techniques is required. Where relevant, recommendations may be made to the Club to provide additional or alternative technical coaching.

Identify and Provide Specialist Content

  • In conjunction with each year group Technical Coach and Head Coach identify the specific specialist coaching content required in each age group and co-ordinate the provision of the specialist coach.
  • Through discussion and observation of general progress and performance at training and in matches, intervene through the year group Technical Coach and Head Coach to make recommendations for specialist technical content or development.
  • For the older age groups work with the year group Technical Coach and Head Coach and Women’s Head Coach to introduce tactical elements of coaching to the player development. In particular, the strategies for specific teams from a defensive and attacking perspective.

Review and Assessment

  • Conduct a training review with each year group Technical Coach & Head Coach and Women’s Head Coach post-Christmas holidays to identify specific areas where additional technical content is required
  • Develop assessment criteria and undertake an assessment of each year group coaching team, including the Technical & Head Coach and Women’s Head Coach to determine areas for development or support
  • Develop a means of implementing player development assessment in line with the core rugby skills. This should aim to be implemented twice per year such that players can identify how they are progressing against the development targets.
  • Liaise with coaches from older year groups to identify if any wish to feed back in to the Sandy Bay rugby coaching program or coach at younger year groups.
  • Establish a protocol or means as assessing and determining the readiness of players for transition to senior rugby in coordination with the Club Head Coach.
  • Advise management committee of changes/support required to improve rugby at Sandy Bay to include appointment of additional resources.
  • Review and approval of monthly coaching hours by all paid coaches.


As part of the role the following commitments are a requirement -

  • The expectation is to be available and circulating across all age groups from 9am to 2pm on a Sunday. This may vary from time to time depending on festival and league game schedules.
  • There is a requirement to attend all mini festivals and a selection of league games for each youth age band.
  • Support Sandy Bay with school’s liaison and rugby development in the community.


  • World Rugby Level 2 Rugby Coaching
  • 2-3 years+ coaching either Mini or Junior rugby teams
  • Permitted to work in Hong Kong


  • Strong Leadership qualities
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Understanding of how to manage large groups within these age groups
  • Sense of community

Apply for this Position

To apply for this role, please forward a copy of your CV (rugby and non-rugby related) with a covering letter to the General Manager of HKU Sandy Bay RFC at

Applications close 30th April 2019.


Head Technical Coach (Junior Section)

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