Sandy Bay well represented at the New Year's Day Youth Tournament

Sandy Bay well represented at the New Year's Day Youth Tournament

By Grant Beuzeval
28th December 2018
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60 HKU Sandy Bay players set to participate across the U12, U14, U16 and U19 age groups!

Date : Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019
Venue : Hong Kong Football Club
Time : 09:30 - 20:00

The New Year's Day Youth Tournament is an institution of Hong Kong rugby - some of the best youth talent will be on display at a single venue on new years day at HKFC. The tournament pits Hong Kong Island versus the Kowloon Peninsula and HK based players versus those that have left HK and now live/study overseas. Get along to this epic day-long event and enjoy the convivial atmosphere and top-drawer rugby.

A big shout-out to all the HKU Sandy Bay RFC players that have been selected for these teams. Competition is tough - this is a great achievement already by these young rising stars of Sandy Bay and Hong Kong rugby.

U12 Girls
Sarah Pyott
Madison Holsheimer
Olive Chiu
Ambre Gosse
Kirsty Donovan
Jesnia Rao

U12 Boys
Adrian Ip
Faisal Sharif
Finlay Shadforth
Omar Sharif
Nicholas Murfin
Russell Carmichael
Ryder Jabal
Xavier Wong

U14 Girls
Beatrice Panday
Bonnie Eathorne
Jennifer Campbell
Eleanor Watson
Isabal Hay
Kyoko Isobe-Russell
Ai Dickson
Anna Suttie
Isabelle Roskell
Maia Itakura-Prepscius
Juliette Robinson

U14 Boys
Adam Scholar
Jono Adams
Kyran Lacy
Max Threlkeld 
Mikey Brewster
Noe Tsang
Ollie Snelgrove
Oscar Chung
Owen Rappel
Theo Mag

U16 Girls
Alex Whittingham
Dani Dillon (Team Captain)
Erin Deayton
Hayley Lai
Machenzie Coates
Zoe Pyott
Chung Yan (CY) Tsang
Luca Ifill
Nami Dickson

U16 Boys
Robert Carmichael

U19 Girls
Eve Caplowe
Lucia Bolton
Anna Birkett
Hana Lane
Tanya Dhar
Taylor Coates
Millie Jones
Beatrice Bourron

U19 Boys
Alex (AJ) Leung
Cameron Carmichael
Freddie Bull
Guy Morgan
Hector Panday
Rory Stewart-Cox
William Panday

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New Year's Day Tournament has existed in various forms since 1967, when the late Vernon Roberts was instrumental in arranging the first Hong Kong v Overseas Schoolboys event as an adjunct to the traditional New Year’s Day Army v Civvie “Old & Bold” match at the Hong Kong Football Club.

The event has grown steadily over the past five decades, adding ever more age grades, girls' fixtures, and also featuring the best youngsters from the Union's Junior Warriors programme.

Thankfully many of the names and traditions connected with the event have been carefully retained by the succession of hand-picked Tournament Directors, and history is well represented by the names on the trophies still presented to this day - the Roberts Shield, Waterford Bowl, George White Trophy, and of course the Middlesex Cup which dates right back from the earliest years. In recent years the contributions of more currently prominent members of our rugby community have also been recognised with names on silverware, such as the Stuart Leckie Cup, the Wright-Naylor Trophy, Gordon Lamb's Lassies' Quaich, and the Overton Cup, and of course the prestigious Best & Fairest Award each year is named after the much missed Larry Able, another who did so much to grow the youth game in Hong Kong.

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