Support ImpactHK Give a Christmas gift

Support ImpactHK Give a Christmas gift

By Eleanor Cherry
3 December 2021
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Let the Sandy Bay Rugby Community Spirit Sparkle

ImpactHK is our title sponsor and it's hugely important that we as a club show how much we are behind what they do. Christmas is a special time for giving and we want to show the outstanding generosity and kindness that the Sandy Bay community has. Please promote and support ImpactHK in " give a Christmas gift to someone experiencing homelessness"

The club is collecting vouchers for Impact HK with special Christmas messages. Food Vouchers, Clothing Vouchers, and Entertainment Vouchers are all highly appreciated, as they can be used for specific and essential needs. If you don't have time to get a voucher monetary donations are always welcome too.

Please give generously and make this Christmas special for those who are homeless.

1. Choose from the following list to show love and kindness this Christmas time. We politely request that you please consider donating vouchers so that ImpactHK has more flexibility about how to distribute them. If you don't have time to donate a voucher, please consider a monetary donation.

2. Add a little Christmas Magic, please attach a handwritten note with some sweet words for a Christmas message that you would like to say to our friends on the street. Chinese messages would be even more appreciated

3. Please drop vouchers together with a note to the HKU Sandy Bay RFC Clubhouse Pitch one

Food vouchers

  • Chain restaurants eg. Cafe de Coral or Fairwood. Social workers can take clients out for a Christmas meal and individuals still on the streets have a chance to eat inside
  • Supermarket vouchers eg. ParknShop - are distributed to clients to do grocery shopping or buy basic necessities
  • Bulk order reusable bottles from KindnessMatters online shop (min 20) hot water bottles can be essential in freezing weather to keep warm and food hot.
  • Bakery Shop voucher eg. A1 Vouchers, for a special treat
  • Coupons. Fruit order coupon or Swire drink vouchers - allows provision of fruits or drinks throughout the year

Clothing vouchers

  • Shopping vouchers eg. Mall Vouchers, this allows ImpactHK to get the exact sizing needed

Entertainment vouchers

  • Theme park tickets eg. Disneyland or Ocean park - everyone needs the chance for fun and laughter in their life. Social workers can plan a trip for our homeless friends
  • Cinema gift cards eg. MCL a little escapism, a comfy seat and popcorn - what's not to love!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
Michael Lacy
HKU Sandy Bay Chairman

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