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Glenn Smith21 Sep 2022 - 14:00
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Rugby is for everyone!

Fun fact, U8's is 50/50 mix between girls and boys proving rugby is for everyone!

This week we continued getting into the groove with our training routine and the training plan focused on all the basics (running, evasion, tackling, passing and supporting) which included;

  • Warm up with Coach Tim since Coach Stephen's alarm clock malfunctioned this week!
  • Activity 1 - Evasion skills using the Corner Ball drill.
  • Activity 2 - Passing and catching skills with a easy passing warm up (stationary) plus more passing using the cross passing in 3 drill (moving).
  • Activity 3 - Games in Festival Game format making sure we stayed inside the field!

See you all next week for some more rugby and remember to ask your kids if they would like to bring a friend to try out rugby!

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